Find the liquid soul of Scotland

There is something yet to be discovered at the MoS Warehouse Shop

Scotch Whisky is keeping secrets. The MoS Warehouse Shop heartly invites you to join us in getting into the legends, myth and magic of the water of life, and to get caught by the water of life straight from the bottler.

It is the adventure playground of MALTS OF SCOTLAND where whisky enthusiasts of diverse background lounge in leather creaking Chesterfields by the fire side with view of the casks resting for maturation. That visual experience combined with a mix of scents coming from the warehouse, cask wood and, of course from the whisky, may recall old memories of maybe the first tasting experience of Single Malt and what happened that day.  With a sample of the highly awarded bottlings of MALTS OF SCOTLAND in a nosing glass, one is perfectly stimulated to discover for oneself the variety of aromas, taste and mouthfeel, and create new memories.

With a view into the neighboring warehouse and its precious content, one would wonder as to how and when these whiskies will find their way into the glass. As you dream of the „Angel Share“ and finish your glass, your forthcoming action will be to hand-bottle your own personal Warehouse Dram bottling.

Discover the world of MALTS OF SCOTLAND in a symbiosis of whisky lounge, cask warehouse and shop. Your Whisky Trail experience may, whichever you choose, start or end at our place in Paderborn. On stage are the classic, partially sold-out MALTS OF SCOTLAND bottlings as well as the whiskies from the „Warehouse“ range which can only be sampled and purchased at the Warehouse Shop.

The Whisky Experience. If you have ever experienced the intensity of the smell of malted barley, you will know the smell of amazement. The cinema in your mind is about to start the show. Close your eyes and picture yourself inmidst of the Scottish Highlands, maybe in the Speyside region or on the Inner Hebrides island of Islay. See the spring water flow to its destination, some straight into whisky making. Stand next to a copper pot still and feel the boiling heat. Taking it further, you may even hear the famous writer James Joyce indulge in his saying: „The light music of whisky falling into a glass – an agreeable interlude“. Latest by then, you will know that you are experiencing whisky, and why ethusiasts from all over the world come and visit us, some only for a day, to boost their passion to the next level.

Super rare whiskies and other memorabilia on display are attracting the curious, and are creating astonishment and expert discussion amongst the like-minded before all depart rarely without carrying home a bag full of new experiences and a bottle full of secrets.

MoS Warehouse-Shop
Senefelderstr. 7
33100 Paderborn


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