Every bottle a benchmark.


Good old Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew: True enjoyment is not fragrant. It creates a forever lasting impression.

Are you already one of those Whisky aficionados who got caught by the wealth of aromas and tastes, or are you just ready to enter into the exciting world of whiskies? Do you appreciate hand-crafted fine spirits and, especially, the special classiness of carefully selected Scottish Single Malt whiskies? One way or the other, you are now in the right spot – Welcome at MALTS OF SCOTLAND!
Discover the rarity which is the foundation of the good reputation of Single Malts. Explore the particular individualism and expression of Single Cask bottlings, and enjoy the uniqueness of what you hold in your glass. It is the vision and mission of MALTS OF SCOTLAND to deliver that experience to you.

Leading experts and media rank our brand amongst the best in the world. MALTS OF SCOTLAND is the go-to source of exclusive, rare and highly sought-after spirits from nearly all Scottish distilleries for both the commercial and catering trade, and the end user connoisseur and whisky clubs.

Independent Bottler of the Year 2016

Independent Bottler of the Year 2016

  • 2 x Gold – Category „Highland“
  • 1 x Gold – Category „Islands (non Islay)“
  • 1 x Silver – Category „Islands (non Islay)“
  • 3 x Gold – Category „Islay“
  • 1 x Silver – Category „Islay“
  • 1 x Gold – Category „Lowland“
  • 1 x Bronze – Category „Lowland“
  • 3 x Gold – Category „Speyside“
  • 1 x Silver – Category „Grain“
  • 1 x Gold – Category „Non Scotch“

MoS Classic 18y

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky




All senses in action

Meet MALTS OF SCOTLAND at our Warehouse Shop in Paderborn

Entering into our shop at Senefelderstrasse 7 in Paderborn makes you feel home like in a Scottish distillery. Visit our casks in the warehouse while they are resting for perfect maturation, and sample in our Tasting Room to find your favourite expression of whisky.

It is good to know that our Warehouse Shop proudly offers the socalled „Warehouse range“ of MALTS OF SCOTLAND which consists of bottlings exclusively available at the Shop.