Warehouse Range

Our Warehouse Range is a perfect example of our mission „Every bottle a benchmark“. These exclusive bottlings are only available at our MALTS OF SCOTLAND Warehouse Shop in Paderborn. It goes without saying that these single cask expressions at cask strength have been bottled in Scotland.

Why exclusive at shop only? The answer is quite simple. We love to keep in personal touch with our customers through dialogue in our stilish Warehouse Lounge. It is just the right place to relax and sample whiskies with some expert chit-chat.

It is an opportunity, if not a „must“, to sample our Warehouse Range at our warehouse. We will not rest satisfied until you are holding up your bottle of choice. This is why the Warehouse Range is not accessible online or by other shops but only at our place in Paderborn.  Due to the exclusivity and quality of the range, demand often challenges availability. Yet, we are trying hard to replenish our stock.