Whiskeys of America

American whisky is one-dimensional and pretty woody in taste.

Let‘s do away with that prejudice! If one makes the effort to search for the good, it can be found, and we have found very good whiskey all over the United States.

Bourbon (Whiskey) is substantially different to Single Malt Whisky, not only in spelling. It is made from a grain mixture with a minimum of 51% maize (American: corn) besides rye or barley. By law, casks must be made of new American white oak wood (Quercus alba) which will be charred prior to 1st filling. Only for socalled American Light Whiskey casks are allowed to be re-used for a 2nd fill.

The label „Whiskeys of America“ refers to our bottlings from casks with whiskey made in USA. Within this range you will find the results of some of our exciting finishing experiments. After maturation in new oak wood the whiskey has undergone a finish maturation in different casks which contained, for example, rum, sherry or port wine before. You will be amazed by the unexpected great flavours. Surely, some Americans were.