The Pleasure Principle

How the treasures of whisky get to the palate of the connoisseur

In 2005 MALTS OF SCOTLAND, MoS in short, was founded by Thomas Ewers in the westphalian city of Paderborn. Being a whisky enthusiast and expert for Scottish whisky, Thomas Ewers won the liking of the whisky community by storm. Building solid relationships with various distilleries in Scotland is key, and the development and expansion goes on.

Over 10 years in the trade, MALTS OF SCOTLAND is recognized on a global scale as one of the best and frequently awarded independent bottlers of Scottish whisky.

All different MALTS OF SCOTLAND bottlings share the same characteristic – continuous, uncompromising high quality rules over sheer quantity. From the start, Thomas Ewers was convinced that, beyond aquiring ready-matured whiskies, substantial  investment into socalled „New Make“ or young whiskies was needed to build a strong foundation for the future.

Many wonderful and also rare bottlings have come from carefully selected outstanding casks thanks to Thomas Ewers‘ nosing skills and knowledge of the trade, and sometimes a bit of luck. By today, over 80 warehouses across Scotland host the casks of MALTS OF SCOTLAND awaiting Thomas Ewers calling their „bottling day“, and new ones are added  all the time.

From the start, cask selection and management is important to get „New Make“ whisky on the right journey. Our casks origin from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and the USA, and contribute to diverse visual and flavour experience due to their previous content, be it Oloroso or Pedro Ximinéz Sherry, or American Bourbon. Thus, MALTS OF SCOTLAND has secured its future supply of high quality whisky for individual cask bottlings.

The ambition of Thomas Ewers is to maintain the MALTS OF SCOTLAND brand as the synonym for quality. In other words: Every bottle a benchmark

MALTS OF SCOTLAND branded spirits are exclusively available from specialist trade partners.